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RE: Wildlife Damage Compensation Program

The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) offers predation compensation under the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program. Compensation is provided to producers for injury or death to eligible livestock, fowl or specialty animals by predators.

The program covers 100% compensation for death of livestock, fowl or specialty animals due to predation. Eligible species include cattle, sheep, bison, horse, hogs (excluding wild boar), elk, fallow deer, llamas and donkeys. This also includes ostriches, emus, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys as well as other less common species.

As soon as a producer begins experiencing losses due to predation it is important that the kill site is preserved and that the SCIC is contacted. Taking pictures of the carcass and kill site are recommended to record evidence. The SCIC will send out a predation specialist to examine the situation and remove problem predators. After an inspection is complete, compensation will be determined and paid out.

For more information on the program please visit:

Ditch Mowing

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure reminds producers that hay is available for salvage at no cost in provincial highway ditches.

Before July 8, hay can be cut and baled in ditches by the adjacent landowner. After July 8, this hay can be recovered by anyone without the permission of the adjacent landowner, provided salvage operations haven’t begun.

Hay will need to be cut at a uniform height in the ditches and bales must be placed no less than eight metres away from the shoulder of the highway.  All hay bales need to be removed by Aug. 8 and if any are left in a location deemed to be dangerous to motorists after that date, they may be removed by the Ministry.

The Ministry is once again planning an early mowing program between June 7 and July 15 along heavily-travelled roads. Ministry contractors will mow a four-metre-wide swath along shoulders adjacent to Highways 1, 7, 11, 16 and 39, along with portions of Highways 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 and 55. During this time, mowing may also be completed near some highway intersections and interchanges, railway crossings and tourism facilities.

The annual mowing program helps control brush and weeds, which maintains sightlines for motorists on curves and intersections. The program also optimizes snow storage in ditches and will reduce drifting on the road surface during the snowy winter months.

Contractors will conduct regular ditch mowing, cutting the width along all four-lane highways between July 15 and the fall months. The four-metre-wide strip will be mowed adjacent to the other highways with additional mowing possible as required for visibility and weed control. Weather and ditch conditions are key factors in hay salvage and the progress of contracted mowers.


For more information, contact your nearest Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure office at (306) 787-4911 or emailmailto:[email protected]


The RM of Cupar has assembled a list of Cemeteries, Golf Courses and Heritage sites within the RM. In the upcoming weeks we will be mapping these locations and providing more details for your use. Click the link below for a comprehensive list and location coordinates.

RM of Cupar – Attractions