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Wild Boar Sightings

See a Wild Pig, Report a Wild Pig
The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC), Saskatchewan Pork Development Board (SaskPork), Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities and the Saskatchewan Trappers Association have expanded monitoring of the feral pig population in Saskatchewan. This work complements the ongoing monitoring and control efforts conducted by SCIC.
SCIC Reporting: 1-888-935-0000


SaskPork Hotline: 1-833-PIG-SPOT


Agriculture Knowledge Centre: 1-866-457-2377


Learn more about the Feral Wild Boar Control Program and the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program.


Although the news about feral pig removals is encouraging, help is still needed if we want to eradicate this pest. Public reporting helps the established teams to catch these pests. Saskatchewan producers and landowners can access support for controlling feral wild boar. SCIC coordinates qualified hunters and trappers with Rural Municipalities and landowners to investigate sightings and take appropriate action to deal with feral wild boar. When an individual sees a wild boar, they should contact their local SCIC office as soon as possible. SCIC investigates every sighting that is reported and will review the information and determine the next step for responding to it. If you have game camera footage, please contact SCIC and they will provide an address to forward a picture and location.


For more information about the Feral Wild Boar Control Program or to report a wild boar sighting, contact your local SCIC office, call the SCIC Reporting phone number or the SaskPork reporting line. More information on the Feral Wild Boar Program or the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program is available at Saskatchewan Crop Insurance.