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Leafy Spurge Beetle Collection

When: July 4 to 8, 2022 (5 days), 10 AM—3PM
*Dates are subject to change based on beetle emergence and weather. Contact your PHO prior to travelling to ensure the event dates have not changed.
Where: Besant Campground (west of Caronport on Highway #1)
What: Leafy spurge beetles are insects that feed on leafy spurge, acting
as a biological control agent for the noxious weed.
The SARM Plant Health Officers (PHOs) will be present to provide information and assist in packaging leafy spurge beetles for landowners and RMs to take back to their property for release.
Bring: A cooler and ice packs for transporting beetles, sweep nets (extra nets will be available), water, lunch, and long pants (poison ivy
and ticks are found in the area).
Cost: Free
If you are feeling unwell or have tested positive for Covid-19 in the week prior to the collection days, please do not attend. Reach out to your PHO to discuss alternatives.
Where do you plan to release the beetles?
− Beetles will not survive long once collected and packaged and must be released within 24-48 hours for best survival rates, so it is important to have a spot picked out in advance.
− The PHOs keep a record of beetle releases and will have release forms for you to take, fill out, and return after you release your beetles.
Do you have a suitable release site?
− Leafy spurge infestation of more than 12 acres per quarter section of land.
− Leafy spurge present in areas where herbicide application is not possible (e.g. environmentally sensitive areas).
What are the ideal conditions for collecting beetles?
− Hot days (above 22°C) and calm weather.
− Beetles are normally collected during the hottest part of the day, as this is when the beetles are most active and in the top portion of the leafy spurge plant.
How long will it take to collect beetles?
− In ideal weather conditions, collecting 2500-3000 beetles will take an hour of walking and sweeping with nets.
For more information, contact your SARM Division PHO
DIV 1: Tayo Adegeye AAg, PBiol 306-580-8708/[email protected]
DIV 2: Joanne Kwasnicki PAg 306-541-8437/[email protected]
DIV 3: Betty Johnson AAg 306-315-3925/[email protected]
DIV 4: Katey Makohoniuk CCA, TechAg 306-594-7683/[email protected]
DIV 5: Chelsea Neuberger AAg 306-380-4526/[email protected]
DIV 6: Colleen Fennig PAg 306-946-9895/[email protected]
What to Know Before Collecting Leafy Spurge Beetles