buy Gabapentin online canada Attention all RMs:

purchasing isotretinoin Re: Concerns regarding 2% Liquid Strychnine

SARM is concerned that unless we can demonstrate that 2% liquid strychnine concentrate is being stored, sold and applied properly it could jeopardize its availability for use in Saskatchewan.   The Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is currently providing a “restricted” registration for this product due to its health and environment risks and monitors it closely.

As part of the restricted registration:

  • RMs can sell/distribute 2% liquid strychnine concentrate to their ratepayers for use on their own agricultural land to control Richardson Ground Squirrel.
  • Ratepayers are required to fill out a Purchase Agreement and Product Evaluation Form and return it to the RM.   Please see forms attached.
  • The RM then provides copies of these forms to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture (SMA).   Email reminders are send out from SMA via SARM to RMs.

SARM is reaching out to RMs selling this product to assist by best place to buy provigil online emphasizing to ratepayers the importance of abiding by the restrictions and returning the required forms so we can maintain the availability of this product for use in Saskatchewan.

Please see the attached letter that PMRA sent to RMs in 2015 which outlines the requirements for selling, storing and applying this restricted chemical.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.






Ray Orb