buy Lyrica from india where to buy provigil ireland Hearing Clinic Planned for the R.M. of Cupar #218 Ratepayers

buy Pregabalin mastercard What animal found on the farm is loud enough to damage your hearing?  Are earmuffs more effective than earplugs?  Do you know how to prevent noise-induced hearing loss? Do you have hearing loss? What type of earing protection should I use?

To offer answers to those questions and much more information, appointments can be made for a Hearing Clinic for Farmers which is being held for the ratepayers of the R.M. of Cupar #218 on Monday, March 18th, 2019 from 10:00 am- 4:00 pm at the RM office in Cupar, SK. To book an appointment please call (306) 723-4726.

The clinic will include a visual inspection of the ear canal and ear drum and a hearing screening with explanation of those results.  Participants will be shown how to insert earplugs and will receive information to take home related to hearing loss prevention.  When necessary, referrals are made.  Hearing aids are not sold at the clinic.

“On the farm, there are many noises including those from augers, tractors, shotguns and squealing hogs at feeding time that can damage your hearing”, says Kendra Ulmer, Nurse and Clinic Coordinator for the Agricultural Health and Safety Network, at the Canadian Centre For Health and Safety in Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan.

The clinic is being offered to RM #218 ratepayers because they are members of the Agricultural Health and Safety Network and is co-sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture and Saskatchewan Agriculture.

For additional information regarding this release, please contact:

Kendra Ulmer, Nurse and Program Coordinator

Agriculture Health and Safety Network

Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture

(306) 966-6643