2019 Assessment Roll Open

Notice is hereby given that the assessment roll for the R.M. of Cupar #218 for the year 2019 has been prepared and is open to inspection in the office of the assessor from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the following days:  Monday to Friday from March 15 to April 15, 2019 excluding holidays.

                  A bylaw pursuant to section 214 of The Municipalities Act has been passed and the assessment notices have been sent as required.

                  Any person who wishes to appeal against his or her assessment is required to file his or her notice of appeal with:  The Assessor, R.M. of Cupar No. 218, Box 400, Cupar, SK, S0G 0Y0 on or before April 15, 2019

                  Dated this 15th day of March, 2019

                  Nikki Czemeres,


RM of Cupar Hearing Clinic

http://sculpsureinwestpalmbeach.com/kidney-disease Hearing Clinic Planned for the R.M. of Cupar #218 Ratepayers

What animal found on the farm is loud enough to damage your hearing?  Are earmuffs more effective than earplugs?  Do you know how to prevent noise-induced hearing loss? Do you have hearing loss? What type of earing protection should I use?

To offer answers to those questions and much more information, appointments can be made for a http://louhua.ca/eadf26jst/pages/condo_report_Q2-2014.pdf Hearing Clinic for Farmers which is being held for the ratepayers of the R.M. of Cupar #218 on Monday, March 18th, 2019 from 10:00 am- 4:00 pm at the RM office in Cupar, SK. To book an appointment please call (306) 723-4726.

The clinic will include a visual inspection of the ear canal and ear drum and a hearing screening with explanation of those results.  Participants will be shown how to insert earplugs and will receive information to take home related to hearing loss prevention.  When necessary, referrals are made.  Hearing aids are not sold at the clinic.

“On the farm, there are many noises including those from augers, tractors, shotguns and squealing hogs at feeding time that can damage your hearing”, says Kendra Ulmer, Nurse and Clinic Coordinator for the Agricultural Health and Safety Network, at the Canadian Centre For Health and Safety in Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan.

The clinic is being offered to RM #218 ratepayers because they are members of the Agricultural Health and Safety Network and is co-sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture and Saskatchewan Agriculture.

For additional information regarding this release, please contact:

Kendra Ulmer, Nurse and Program Coordinator

Agriculture Health and Safety Network

Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture

(306) 966-6643

e-mail: aghealthandsafety@usask.ca

Message from Premier Moe and Sask Power plus Info on the Emergency Plan

Hi All!  With today’s power outage and potential for more, I am sharing some info with you:

Here is Premier Moe’s message as of 1:00 today:

Power Outage Update

Update on the power outage situation across many parts of Saskatchewan.

Posted by Scott Moe on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

We also received a message from SaskPower.

Good day,

SaskPower is aware of outages impacting most of the City of Regina as well as other communities in the province.

We are communicating directly with you as a valued partner in hopes you can share this information with your networks, communities and stakeholders. SaskPower has suffered significant issues because of frost over the past few days. We are working to assess the situation and make repairs.

This is what you need to know;

  • The frost is causing lines to fall and sag; please be safe and stay at least 10 meters away. wannonce rencontre adulte paris Do not try to remove frost from the lines yourself. Lines that look damaged can still be live.
  • Découvrez plus ici If you’re using a generator, you need to use an installed transfer switch. Without a transfer switch, your generator will feed power back into the lines, creating a serious hazard for our personnel working to restore power.
  • Never operate a generator in a house, garage or enclosed building. Doing so will put you and your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Thank you for your patience as we work to restore power to our customers. We don’t have an exact time for restoration but are looking at late this afternoon at the earliest for some areas. We will share more information as it becomes available.

For the latest information please stay updated at our;

SaskPower Twitter feed: https://www.saskpower.com/#.XAa9AhLNAdE.twitter

SaskPower Blog: https://www.saskpower.com/about-us/our-company/blog/crisis-event

SaskPower Website: https://www.saskpower.com/

Some sources on Staying Safe in a Power Outage:



If you need anything, call the RM office or my cell if the power is off.  331-8449.  Stay safe All!


Public Consultation on Strychnine Use

As you are aware Health Canada wants to end the use of products containing strychnine for Richardson Ground Squirrel (RGS) control following a re-evaluation by its Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA). The PMRA has environmental concerns about the potential poising of non-target animals.


Health Canada opened a 90-day public consultation period on June 29, 2018 the consultation is to conclude September 29, 2018. The timing on the re-evaluation decision on strychnine did not allow consideration for busy agricultural producers to be heard. There is no adequate alternative to strychnine for controlling the RGS population.


Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA) has created an electronic petition on their website as well as a printable form letter to be sent to Health Canada. We encourage you to utilize and share these tools in your communities. Please use the following link to access the petition, form letter and direct submission form http://skstockgrowers.com/strychnine/. Remember the current deadline is September 29th, spread the word.


Thank you,


Shelley Kilbride

Director of Policy and Research

Phone: (306) 761-3729

Fax: (306) 565-2141


Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities

2301 Windsor Park Road, Regina, SK  |  S4V 3A4  |  (306) 757-3577  |  sarm.ca




Notice of Abandonment of Poll

Notice of Abandonment of Poll


The Rural Municipality of Cupar No. 218

Municipal Elections 2018


Whereas Helena Blaser, nominated for the office of Councillor for Division No. 2,

was the only candidate for the Division, I hereby give notice that no voting for this office will take place on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.


Whereas Curtis Nakonechny, nominated for the office of Councillor for Division No. 4, was the only candidate for the Division, I hereby give notice that no voting for this office will take place on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.


Whereas Brennan Leib, nominated for the office of Councillor for Division No. 6,

was the only candidate for the Division, I hereby give notice that no voting for this office will take place on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.


Dated this 20th day of September, 2018.



Nikki Czemeres, Returning Officer


Wild Parsnips

Yesterday, a local farmer near Outlook, SK, warned people to be on the lookout for Wild Parsnip growing in the province. It’s a very dangerous plant that can cause blisters on the skin and even temporary or permanent blindness. Please memorize what this plant looks like and share with your family and friends.

According the Ministry of Agriculture, the main infestations are along Highway 48 from Vibank to Kipling, between Saskatoon and Rosthern and Highway 40 from Cutknife to Neilburg.

Any sightings of wild parsnip should be reported to invasives@npss.sk.ca.

More info from Gov. of Sask
PDF download > goo.gl/jqFXF1

More info from Gov. of Canada
Website > goo.gl/yNu53K

Pasture Tour

Saskatchewan Pasture Tour

Registration is now open! Click here to view the registration form and agenda. For more information, contact the SFC at 306-329-3116 or office@saskforage.caThe Saskatchewan Pasture Tour is your ticket to the latest information on forage species, fertility, pasture management and Farm Stewardship Programming! This year’s topics also include cattle handling facilities, corn and swath grazing, native and tame pasture management, labour sourcing and more.

Strychnine Concerns

Attention all RMs:

Re: Concerns regarding 2% Liquid Strychnine

SARM is concerned that unless we can demonstrate that 2% liquid strychnine concentrate is being stored, sold and applied properly it could jeopardize its availability for use in Saskatchewan.   The Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is currently providing a “restricted” registration for this product due to its health and environment risks and monitors it closely.

As part of the restricted registration:

  • RMs can sell/distribute 2% liquid strychnine concentrate to their ratepayers for use on their own agricultural land to control Richardson Ground Squirrel.
  • Ratepayers are required to fill out a Purchase Agreement and Product Evaluation Form and return it to the RM.   Please see forms attached.
  • The RM then provides copies of these forms to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture (SMA).   Email reminders are send out from SMA via SARM to RMs.

SARM is reaching out to RMs selling this product to assist by emphasizing to ratepayers the importance of abiding by the restrictions and returning the required forms so we can maintain the availability of this product for use in Saskatchewan.

Please see the attached letter that PMRA sent to RMs in 2015 which outlines the requirements for selling, storing and applying this restricted chemical.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.






Ray Orb



Crop Report May 8-14, 2018

For the Period May 8 to 14, 2018

Seeding Progress in Saskatchewan
Per cent seeded
All Crops
May 14, 2018

May 15, 2017

May 16, 2016

May 18, 2015

May 11, 2014

May 13, 2013

5 year avg.

10 year avg.









 Saskatchewan Seeding
 Per cent seeded all crops May 14, 2018
Spring wheat  33
Durum  39
Barley  23
Oats  15
 Canary seed  26
Flax  14
 Canola  26
Mustard  39
Soybeans 36
Lentils  57
 Field peas 63
Chickpeas 54

Thanks to good seeding conditions, Saskatchewan producers made up the time lost in previous weeks.  Thirty-five per cent of the crop is now in the ground, just ahead of the five-year (2013-2017) seeding average of 32 per cent for this time of year. Crops are starting to emerge.

Seeding is furthest advanced in the southeast, where 49 per cent of the crop is in the ground.  Forty-five per cent is seeded in the southwest, 28 per cent in the northeast, 26 per cent in the west–central region and 24 per cent in the east-central and northwestern regions.

Rain showers were reported throughout the province, particularly in the southwestern and west-central regions. The Gull Lake area received 18 mm of rain, the most in the province.  There have been multiple reports of grass and stubble fires due to the dry conditions and rain would be welcomed to help alleviate dry field conditions and concerns.

Most areas need rain to help alleviate dry field conditions.

Thirty-three per cent of the spring wheat, 26 per cent of the canola, 57 per cent of the lentils and 63 per cent of the field peas have been seeded to date.  Little rain, warm temperatures and strong and warm winds have caused topsoil moisture conditions to decline.  Hay and pasture growth is slow due to little rainfall.  Provincially, topsoil moisture conditions on cropland are rated as 57 per cent adequate, 35 per cent short and eight per cent very short.  Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as 40 per cent adequate, 43 per cent short and 17 per cent very short.

Producers are busy seeding, controlling weeds and moving cattle.

SaskPower reports 46 cases of farm machinery contacting electrical equipment in the last week, bringing the total for May to 73. Most farm-related incidents happen during seeding.  SaskPower reminds producers to be aware of their surroundings at all times and to plan ahead.  More safety information is available at www.saskpower.com/safety.