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Emergency Flood Reduction Q&A

The Government of Saskatchewan officially launched the 2015 Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program (EFDRP) today (April 8).  Below is Q&A on the EFDRP that we thought you would find useful.

  1. What is the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program (EFDRP)?
    1. This program provides engineering and technical assistance to municipalities while sharing the cost of permanent and temporary flood prevention works.  The EFDRP covers 100 per cent of costs for engineering assistance and reimburses individuals for 85 per cent and communities and businesses for 75 per cent of the cost of approved, permanent flood protection works built to provide protection from imminent flooding in 2015.  These include projects like berms, culverts and lift station work.
  2. Is there enough time to get projects completed to deal with the flood?
    1. Yes.  We are already working with clients.  Fortunately the flood risk is lower this year, but we have engineers and technical experts available to provide assistance.
  3. What kinds of projects will be required?
      1. A common need will be berms to protect a yard site from rising water.
      2. Ditches to move flood water away from development will also be needed.
      3. The program will also assist with pumping and other temporary measures.
  1. What is new about the program this year
    1. The program in previous years was very effective, so only modest changes are being made.
      1. New this year, is the inclusion of private water wells for human consumptive purposes.
      2. The program will cover 100 per cent of the costs to test private water wells for human consumptive purposes.
      3. We felt that safe drinking water is something that should be included in the program and made this enhancement.
  1.  Who is eligible?
      1. Rural residents, businesses and municipalities facing imminent flood damage to businesses or homes.
      2. The program does not cover any costs to protect farmland from flooding.
  2. What will the program support?
      1. The program will support work to prevent imminent flooding.  An engineer or technical expert visits the site and determines the best approach to prevent flooding.
      2. If the situation is urgent WSA will give its approval by phone and will provide reimbursement for eligible works constructed before approval was granted.
      3. The program will support construction of permanent works such as berms, channels, and larger culverts as well as temporary measures like pumping, sand, and sand bags.
  3. Will you reimburse people who have already done flood protection work?
      1. If individuals or communities have already initiated work that would otherwise qualify, the program will cover those costs.  They must contact Water Security Agency as soon as possible.
  4. How to you qualify for funding?
    1. Projects must be approved by the WSA in order to qualify for funding.  Requests for assistance under the program should be directed to the nearest WSA regional office or by calling toll free at 1-866-727-5420.

For more information about the EFDRP please visit