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Crop Insurance – June deadlines

Crop Insurance is available to any producer who meets SCIC eligibility requirements. Crop Insurance regulations require contract holders to demonstrate legal, operational and financial independence from all other producers in order to be eligible.

June 10 Full yield-loss coverage becomes effective on winter wheat and fall rye that will be grazed and/or cut for feed.

Deadline for planting potatoes (processing and table varieties).

Final day to finalize claims on over-winter extensions.

June 15 Deadline for planting potatoes (seed varieties).
June 20 Under the Forage Establishment Benefit Option, this is the deadline to seed forage acres.

Deadline to submit Establishment Benefit claims.

Crop Insurance will not accept yield-loss liability for spring crops seeded after this date*.

Deadline to submit a gopher claim on crops that fail to establish due to gopher damage*.


June 21 Full coverage for yield-loss coverage begins today on established spring and fall-seeded crops*.
June 25 Deadline to submit Seeded Acreage Reports on all crops*

Deadline to submit Unseeded Acreage claims.

Deadline to report stored grain.

Deadline to submit Hive Reporting Form.

Deadline to submit Stored Honey Report.

Deadline to endorse overwintering insurance for the Bee Mortality Insurance Pilot Program.

June 30 Deadline to seed greenfeed crops insured as forage.

Establishment and gopher damage claims on greenfeed must be submitted by this date.

*Excludes greenfeed